Conditions We Treat: Mobile Health Treatments in Denver

Mobile health treatments in Denver. Athletic treatments in Denver. Speed up your athletic recovery in Denver with FRE.

Athletic Recovery

Aiding in active recovery + enhanced athletic performance

Between intense workouts, muscle fatigue, and sports-related injuries, being an athlete is tough on your body. At FRE, we offer a number of mobile health treatments in Denver that promote active recovery and enhanced athletic performance.

Mobile health treatments in Denver. Drug-free concussion treatments in Denver.


Helping you nourish your brain

Our brains control everything we think, feel, and do. And when damage occurs, it can lead to severe dysfunction. The road to recovery from a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often a long one. And without proper treatment, you may experience ongoing symptoms. FRE offers top-of-the-line treatments and innovative therapies to help nourish your brain so you can feel like your usual self again.

Mobile health treatments in Denver. Autoimmune disease treatments in Denver.

Autoimmune Diseases

Boosting your immune system and helping you manage your symptoms

Most diseases, including Lyme Disease and many autoimmune diseases, are caused by microbial organisms and environmental pollutants that cause our cells to become congested with toxins. Without proper treatment, these diseases are incredibly difficult to manage. FRE offers innovative health treatments in Denver to help boost your immune system and help your body heal.

Mobile health treatments in Denver. Pain treatment in Denver.

Pain Management

Providing relief for acute and chronic pain

Pain is exceptionally difficult to deal with. Between accurately identifying the underlying causes of it to the attempt to alleviate the pain without the use of opioids or other prescribed medications, pain is often a serious burden to bear. FRE is here to help you find long-lasting relief from chronic and acute pain with a number of innovative treatments and therapies.

Mobile health treatments in Denver. Recover faster from your surgery with FRE. Surgery recovery in Denver.

Surgical Recovery

Ensuring a safe and speedy recovery

Surgery, no matter what kind, takes a toll on your body. To ensure a safe and speedy recovery, we offer effective treatments that help to promote wound healing, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow to the surgical site, and decrease the chances of post-op infection.

Mobile health treatments in Denver. Recover faster from your cosmetic surgery with FRE. Cosmetic surgery recovery in Denver.

Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

Reducing recovery time and post-surgical swelling

If you're undergoing cosmetic surgery, we offer all-natural treatments that help to greatly reduce your recovery time as well as post-surgical bruising, swelling, and inflammation. Our health treatments in Denver for cosmetic surgery recovery may also lead to less pain, less scarring, fewer infections, and a minimized risk of post-op complications.

Mobile health treatments in Denver. Slow down aging in Denver with FRE. Anti-aging treatment in Denver.


Slowing aging on a cellular level

Americans spend billions of dollars every year on creams, products, and surgeries to help them feel (and appear) younger. What most of these procedures and products fail to do is address fine lines, tissue degeneration, and cognitive decline on a cellular level. At FRE, our mobile health treatments in Denver address aging on a deeper level.

Mobile health treatments in Denver. Autism treatment in Denver.


Helping you beter manage ASD and co-existing disorders

There is no cure for autism, but there are a number of therapeutic treatment options to help better manage ASD and any co-existing disorders. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, for example, can help reduce the inflammatory symptoms in the brain and gastrointestinal system that are commonly associated with autism.

Mobile health treatments in Denver. Fertility treatment in Denver.


Supporting women who are trying to conceive

If you're experiencing fertility problems, know that you are not alone. Here at FRE, we offer cutting-edge, holistic treatment options to support women who are trying to conceive.

Mobile health treatments in Denver. Migraine treatment in Denver.


Providing long-lasting relief

Migraines are more than just troublesome headaches. They make it difficult to focus, to sleep, and even to complete daily tasks. If you suffer from recurring migraines, you’ve come to the right place. At FRE, we offer treatment options to address imbalances in your brain that are contributing to your migraines.

Mobile health treatments in Denver. Alleviate fatigue with FRE. Fatigue treatment in Denver.

Chronic Fatigue

Helping you feel rejuvenated and reenergized

Chronic fatigue is a common problem many Americans experience on a daily basis. If you feel like you’re always tired, struggle with brain fog, or have difficulty completing daily tasks, you could benefit greatly from a number of our therapeutic treatments.

Mobile health treatments in Denver. Learn more about our approach to preventative care in Denver at FRE.

Preventative Care

Preventing ailments, illness, and injury

Preventative care is one of the best ways to ensure your future health and wellness. At FRE, we’re proud to offer IV Therapies, HBOT, Infrared Sauna Therapy, Bemer Therapy, and Ionic Foot Therapy to help prevent ailments, illness, and injury. These kinds of proactive measures can have a significant positive influence on your future wellbeing.

Mobile health treatments in Denver. Treat altitude sickness in Denver with FRE. Altitude sickness treatment in Denver.

Altitude Sickness

Alleviating symptoms and replenishing oxygen

Altitude sickness can lead to a long list of symptoms including headaches, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and fatigue due to low oxygen in the body. Our therapeutic treatments can help alleviate the symptoms and restore normal oxygen levels in the body.

Mobile health treatments in Denver. Recover and restore yourself with our dehydration treatment in Denver.


Quickly and effectively rehydrating your body

Dehydration can have detrimental effects on the body. And believe it or not, it’s estimated that approximately 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Fortunately, our highly effective IV Therapies can help address your dehydration and associated symptoms.

Mobile health treatments in Denver. Alleviate hangover symptoms with our hangover treatment in Denver.


Providing fast, effective relief

There’s nothing worse than waking up with a hangover. If you’re searching for ways to quickly bounce back, FRE offers IV Therapies specifically to help with hangovers.

Mobile health treatments in Denver. Overcome symptoms of COVID-19 with our COVID treatment in Denver.

COVID-19 Symptom Management

Keeping your immune system strong so your body can better fight off the virus

COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise nationwide. If you’re struggling to manage your symptoms, FRE is here to help. Our COVID Rescue IV is here to help keep your immune system strong so your body can better fight off the virus.