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How Do You Find the Best Mobile IV Therapy in Denver?

If you're suffering from an illness, injury, or hangover, then you're probably looking for fast relief. Fortunately, if you need a fast recovery you can book a mobile IV service to come to you. But, the options for mobile IV therapy in Denver are numerous. So, how do you find the best at-home IV therapy provider for you?

It's pretty simple when you consider just a few factors. We've compiled a short list to help you narrow down your mobile IV options. With our helpful advice, you can have the optimal service booked within a few minutes.

5 Ways to Find the Best Mobile IV Therapy in Denver

Background research is key to finding and comparing local providers. Here are a few ways you can find the best provider before you get your next mobile IV drip administered.

1. Make Sure They Serve Your Location

IV therapy has become more widely available in most major cities these days. There are IV bars, medical facilities, and mobile therapy services. However, service areas can differ depending on the therapy provider. Some mobile IV therapy providers may service all of Denver and its suburbs, while some may only come to Highlands Ranch or Denver proper, for example.

Functional Recovery & Enhancement LLC (FRE) is a mobile medical spa that has service areas all across the Denver metro region. With FRE, you can get "wellness on wheels" whether you're in Castle Rock or Thornton.

2. Review Their Offered IV Therapies

Mobile IV treatments come in an array of variants. Depending on your needs, one IV cocktail may be a superior option over others. Some treatment packages even come with infusions that treat detox symptoms. Other packages may be better for treating dehydration symptoms.

For instance, if you need relief from hangover symptoms, then you’d benefit from a Hangover Helper IV. This IV Hydration therapy includes a blend of Normal Saline, Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6, and can even include the anti-nausea medication Zofran and anti-inflammatory medication Toradol.

On the other hand, an immune booster IV drip will likely have plenty of Vitamin C. Or if you're recovering from symptoms of food poisoning you may need to restore precious fluids with a drip containing anti-nausea medication, NAD, and B-Complex Vitamins.

That’s why you need to make sure the mobile IV service you book has the right therapy for your needs.

At FRE, we can treat and alleviate a variety of health conditions with many different IV packages. Our therapies can provide the support you need if:

  • You want to improve your mental function and restore energy levels
  • You need hydration therapy to meet your wellness goals
  • You want to reach your peak performance for an athletic event or for your athletic recovery
  • You need quick relief from altitude sickness, body aches, or general dehydration
  • You suffer from chronic fatigue
  • You are pregnant and are suffering from morning sickness

We're the ONLY Mobile IV therapy in Denver that offers all of these treatments in one place.

3. Read Through Client Reviews

Previous customer reviews are an excellent way to vet mobile IV therapy companies. These honest reviews can reveal tons of details about a company. For instance, reviews can tell you:

  • How knowledgeable and courteous the medical staff is
  • The quality of services and care provided
  • The effectiveness of the treatments
  • And so much more.

Be sure to read through the first-hand experience of others on third-party sources like Google, Facebook, Wellness Living, and others.

You don't want to settle when putting your wellness in another person's hands. When choosing a mobile IV company, it's important you make an informed decision. Look for a 5-star company that has raving reviews like FRE and you'll know you're in the right hands.

4. Consider How Easy It Is to Book Drip Therapy Sessions at Home

What's the point of mobile IV therapy if it is not convenient? If the appointment booking experience is tedious and confusing, it can detract from the utility of a mobile treatment.

Booking your appointment should be as easy as 1-2-3. So, be sure to consider how easy it is to book mobile IV therapy in Denver with a given provider. It may help to ask questions like:

  • How many steps do you have to take before checking out?
  • Is the calendar for setting your appointment easily navigable?
  • Do they leave you on hold too long when you call their appointment line?
  • Are the payment options clear to you?

FRE was founded to help people from all journeys of life find optimal health and be able to live free of injury and illness. We know when you're suffering from an ailment, the last thing you need is a frustrating booking process. That’s why we keep our booking process simple.

Our online booking system takes less than a minute to complete. You choose your service, select a date and time on our user-friendly calendar, provide your address, complete your payment, and we just show up when you need us.

It's as straightforward and easy as that!

5. Evaluate Their Experience and Qualifications

Experience matters. Period. Before you allow someone to put intravenous fluids in your body, you'll want to know their level of medical IV experience.

Visit the company’s About Us page and look at who their owners and staff are. Does this mobile IV company have a staff of trained medical professionals? A legitimate IV therapy provider should have past medical experience and be qualified as a physician, nurse, or EMT.

A reputable medical spa should also follow certain state laws regarding IV therapy. So make sure that any mobile IV company that you use follows the appropriate guidelines.

At FRE, for instance, we have a medical director on staff and a highly vetted and qualified medical team of nurses administering IV fluid therapy.

To round out your research, consider searching the company name and their provider names in Google. What results and news articles come up? Have they been featured by highly respected local news sources? Or do articles come up about nefarious practices?

A little due diligence can go a long way to help you identify legitimate mobile IV therapy in Denver and weed out the questionable ones.

Book Your Appointment With One of the Top Providers of Mobile IV Therapy in Denver

If you're looking to rejuvenate your health, we can help at Functional Recovery & Enhancement LLC.

Our mobile IV therapies in Denver are carefully crafted to help you reenergize, revitalize, and recover. Each IV offers unique benefits to help address specific symptoms and conditions you may be experiencing.

At FRE, we aim to help treat people suffering from brain injuries, people with autoimmune diseases, athletes interested in enhancing their performance, and anyone looking to live a life free from injury and illness.

Book your mobile IV therapy in the Denver area today and we'll come to you!