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Top Denver Lifestyle Magazine Features FRE for Our Wellness Treatments in Denver!

FRE is thrilled to be featured in 303 Magazine's September article on fall self-care in Denver, CO. The article highlights nine local Denver businesses that promote taking care of yourself this season. Functional Recovery & Enhancement LLC is one of their local business choices for wellness and healing!

We're so pleased that they recognized our efforts to promote health and well-being for the Denver community through "Wellness on Wheels" solutions. When our founder, Ari DePaola, founded Functional Recovery & Enhancement LLC, she wanted all local Denverites to live a life free of illness and injury.

Self-care has never been so easy this fall! This is why our clinicians come to you with Mobile IV Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Infrared Sauna, BEMER Therapy, Ionic Foot Bath Therapy, Red Light Therapy, and more.

View the full article "Take Care of Yourself This Fall With the Help of These 9 Local Self-Care Businesses."

If you've experienced COVID burnout and fatigue like many of us over the last year, then you may benefit from a self-care reset through our vast array of replenishing therapies.

Promote Self Care with On-Demand Mobile Therapy Services in Denver

Start your self-care action plan with us! FRE is a one-of-a-kind wellness company that offers all of these innovative therapies and treatment options in one place. Book an appointment today for our on-demand mobile therapy services in Denver, CO.