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Hydration IV drips are a revolutionary new way to hydrate before or after any activity. The electrolyte-rich fluid delivered through a simple process provides superior absorption compared to other forms of hydration. If you are feeling dehydrated, weak, or fatigued, it may be time to get a mobile hydration IV in Denver. We’re here to explain why.

What Can a Hydration IV Do for Me?

A hydration IV drip helps replenish lost fluids and is safe for athletes of all levels. IV literally means intravenous, which means it delivers electrolytes directly into the bloodstream. This helps speed recovery and minimize muscle soreness. This process can have incredible effects on the body and can improve general wellbeing overall, in addition to re-hydration.

Why Get a Hydration IV in Denver?

To start, up to 28% of older adults in the United States suffer from dehydration which is a frequent cause of hospital admission. Up to 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration by only consuming around 2.5 cups of water daily, which is far off from the recommended 15.5 cups or 3.7 liters per day. Clearly, we can all stand to be a little more hydrated.

So how does IV hydration actually help? Since the IV ingredients are delivered through the bloodstream (intravenously), they provide an alternative route for delivery that bypasses stomach acid and digestive enzymes. This means the ingredients are more efficient than oral supplements and easier to absorb, therefore providing more hydration than regular water or food.

How to Get the Best Hydration IV in Denver

There are many different places to get a hydration IV package in Denver but choosing the right fit for you can be a challenge. We recommend looking for a mobile provider of IV therapy so that they can bring the IV package directly to you. And don’t forget to look through past customer reviews to get a sense of the typical experience.

Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

There are many benefits to re-hydrating yourself through IV therapy including:

• Faster Recovery - IV therapy delivers electrolytes faster than drinking water or other beverages alone. It also allows your body to recover at its own pace without having to wait until you feel thirsty.

• Improved Performance - In addition to helping with recovery, IV therapy can be used as part of your training routine. Athletes who use IVs before and after exercise report feeling less fatigued and recovering quicker.

• Better Health - IV therapy has been shown to reduce symptoms associated with dehydration such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and cramps.

• Lower Risk of Dehydration - IV therapy can prevent dehydration by preventing loss of fluids through sweating and urine.

• Easy Accessibility - With a hydration IV, you don't have to worry about forgetting your bottle of water or struggling to find a place to drink. You simply receive an IV injection and take a few minutes to rest while it works.

IV therapy has proven to be safe and effective when administered properly. However, there are risks involved in the process, so make sure you talk to your practitioner first if you're considering this option.

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