Monday, 14 November 2022 14:26

Denver Mobile IV Therapy: What You Need to Know

IV therapy has become very common over the last decade or so. It’s a unique treatment that involves inserting a needle into a vein to administer medication or vitamins and minerals directly to the bloodstream. This method of delivering fluids and micronutrients bypasses the digestive system, allowing them to reach your cells much faster and more efficiently. In Denver, mobile IV therapy is something most people aren't familiar with.

As experts in this field, there are some things we want to share with you when you’re searching for the service.

5 Things to Know About Denver Mobile IV Therapy

1. What Sets Mobile IV Therapy Apart

One of the biggest benefits of mobile IV therapy is that it allows patients to receive treatment without having to go to a clinic. Patients can get the care they need while on vacation, at work, at a hotel, or even out shopping. You don't have to miss any days from work or bother with traveling to a clinic because the process is fast and convenient.

2. How Does Mobile IV Therapy Work?

The process of mobile IV therapy works by using an infusion pump: a device that delivers medications through a tube inserted into a patient's vein. A nurse sets up at your home or chosen location and connects the tubing to the infusion pump, then attaches the other end of the tubing to a bag of fluid. Once the bag is attached, the nurse starts the pump.

The pump will run until the fluid in the IV bag runs out. At that point, the nurse disconnects the tubing from the pump and removes the needle from the patient's vein. This process usually takes around 45 minutes to an hour, meaning a quick turnaround time for the patient and provider.

3. Who Can Benefit from Mobile IV Therapy?

Virtual anyone can benefit from mobile IV therapy, especially those who need regular health treatments. For example, if someone has diabetes, they could use this type of therapy to administer insulin injections. Or if you’re recovering from a chronic illness, an IV drip can help expedite your recovery. Those who suffer from chronic conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia may also find relief from IV therapy.

4. Is There Any Training Required for IV Therapy Providers?

There is a certification that is required to administer IV therapies in Colorado. A nurse or practitioner must complete the IV approval course. The class includes 32 hours of classroom training and an in-hospital clinical rotation with a minimum of 10 successful IV starts. The in-hospital clinical rotation must be completed within seven days of the last day of class. Practitioners also must have a Colorado State EMT Basic Certificate to even enroll in the course. Make sure to confirm that your practitioner or service provider is certified before you proceed with IV therapy.

5. Where Can I Find Mobile IV Therapy Providers?

You can find providers in Denver of mobile IV drip services usually through online reviews and referrals. Any quality service will be easy to find and contact. They will also have thorough experience with their offered services, so you can count on receiving safe and quality care.

Why Choose FRE?

Drip IV therapy replenishes your body with vitamins and minerals in a short period of time. At Functional Recovery & Enhancement LLC, we are a top provider of IV therapy in the Denver metro area. The best thing about it? We come to you! We offer mobile services so you can get a restorative IV at any time, no matter where you are across the metro area.

The painless process will give your body the boost it needs at a faster rate than other forms of treatment. If you're suffering from any kind of illness, whether it be altitude related, a hangover, coming down with a cold, or just want some extra energy, drip IV therapies in Denver can help.

Schedule an appointment today and see why FRE is one of the top providers in Denver for mobile IV therapy!