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Denver Red Light Therapy: What You Need to Know

Light is critical to cellular health. But despite it being good for both our mental and physical wellness, most Americans don't get nearly enough natural light. In fact, the EPA estimates that the average American spends 90% of their time indoors. Most of that time is spent under harsh lighting, surrounded by digital screens that can be harmful to your eyesight. Fortunately, if you live in Denver, red light therapy can help promote overall wellness and enhance cellular balance.

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy is a non-invasive treatment modality that involves delivering red and near-infrared light to an individual's skin and cells.

The goal is to stimulate cellular metabolism, which in turn increases blood flow and oxygenation levels within the body. This can be used to help improve both acute or chronic conditions such as acne, psoriasis, rosacea, sunburn, wound healing, cellulite reduction, and more. In fact, red light has been shown to increase collagen production by up to 50% over time and aid in cell regeneration and tissue repair.

How is red light therapy different than just being in the sun?

When we are exposed to sunlight, our bodies naturally create vitamin D3 from 7-dehydrocholesterol. That vitamin D then helps regulate calcium absorption into bones and muscles. But, when you don’t get sufficient exposure to UVB rays, this process doesn’t occur efficiently.

When you expose your skin to UV or red light, it stimulates the creation of vitamin D3 through photosynthesis. This results in increased circulation throughout the body, including improved lymphatic drainage and detoxification. And the great thing about red light is that it penetrates deeper into your cells and tissues than other forms of light therapy. It also works on all types of skin – even those with darker pigmentation.

Want to know the best part? There are no harmful UV rays in red light therapy. Your skin is totally safe and protected with this innovative light therapy.

What can red light therapy treat?

There are many reasons why people choose to undergo red light therapy. Believe it or not, this therapy can help treat:

  • Acne scars - These scars may last years after your acne treatments have stopped. With red light therapy, acne scarring can fade much sooner because it promotes healthy collagen growth.
  • Rosacea - Rosacea causes inflammation and discoloration of the face. By stimulating collagen synthesis, red light therapy reduces swelling and improves skin appearance.
  • Cellulite Reduction - Cellulite occurs when fat deposits become trapped between layers of connective tissues. Because red light therapy targets these areas directly, it can reduce the amount of fatty material present and reduce your cellulite build-ups.
  • Anti-Aging - No one wants to age. Fortunately, red light therapy can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as you grow older.
  • Scar Reduction - Scars can be frustrating to deal with. Red light therapy supports tissue regeneration, which can help minimize scars.
  • Pain Treatment - Red light therapy can help provide a natural form of pain relief for individuals suffering from recurring muscle and/or nerve pain.
  • Muscle Recovery - Fatigued muscles can greatly benefit from the improved circulation that red light therapy provides.

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